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1What is the Audience that can be expected at the Maker Faire ?

A Family-friendly, kids, parents, students, startups, working professionals, artists, designers, and anyone and everyone who is curious

2 What are the aspects relating to the Workshops that would be handled by Maker Faire ?

Marketing, Workshop space and basic setup - tables, chairs, power sockets, TV screen

3What are the charges for hosting a workshop at the Maker Faire ?

All selected workshops are free to host. No charges. All ticketing revenues go directly to host

4 Can I charge the Participants for the Workshop at the Maker Faire. Are there any caps on the Pricing?

Yes. Ticket costs to be affordable for participants as hosts get workshop space and marketing support from MFH - win-win; not super commercial.

5 Who can attend the workshop?

Workshops can be designed for amateurs to advance level, for young and old. This should be mentioned in the workshop brief.

6 Where is it happening?
7 Do I have to do the Workshop for both days of the Event ?

optional .